What is the Zillertal Välley Rälley all about?


The Zillertal VÄLLEY RÄLLEY is an amateur “grassroot” Snowboard tour with 4 Tourstopps through the Zillertal. The popular Snowboard tour is organized by the Ästhetikers, an association of former snowboard pros and legends, including Steve Gruber, Friedl Kolar, Andreas Monsberger, Rudi Kröll, Chris Kröll etc. and event manager Pia Schroeter.


On four weekends between December and April there will always be another Zillertal Snowpark as the show stage of the Young Talents of European Slopestyle Snowboarding.


The concept is to have 2 Days of event, so we can have a Trainings/Coaching Day (Saturday) and a Contest Day (Sunday). We want the kids to have a day to get familiar with the park, before they ride a competition in it. That we are able to choose the better day of weather for the contest is a nice side effect. Till Thursday night before the event, we reserve the right to call the Contest on Saturday.


And while at all events on the Training and Coaching Day, numerous teams train diligently in the park for the contest, the Ästhetikers offer free freestyle coaching for all those who have not brought their own coach or just want to learn new park tricks without participating in the contest.


After all, the open Slopestyle contest is not only about valuable points for the Tour stop victory and the Overall tour ranking. All competitors also get points for the World Snowboarding Point List (WSPL).


At every Tour stop the winners of the 4 age groups and 8 overall categories (U13, U16, U18, Ü18 – respectively of boys and girls) bring home lots of medals and prizes from Zillertal.at, Ride Snowboards, Blue Tomato, Red Bull, Horsefeathers and a big chunk of prize money.


At the last and Final Tour stop, the Overall Tour winners will be crowned as the new “Zillertal Välley Rälley Royal Family”. In addition, the best overall rookies (U18) receive a wildcard for the World Rookie Finals.


Registration for coaching and contests is mandatory and will be opened individually for each Tourstopp 2 weeks before the event! The registration will close on “Thursday night” before the event weekend.

Age Groups 23/24


GROMS - 01.01.2009 - 31.12.2011

ROOKIES - 01.01.2006 - 31.12.2008

MEN & WOMEN - 31.12.2005 -AND OLDER