It´s time to get Shred-fit using the Fitness Programm from Ästhetiker Pro Shredder!

Shred-fit is an online training program specifically for shredders! Shred-fit was developed by the veteran aesthetician, fitness & health coach “Gogo” Gossner”!

Shred-fit is about preparing you for the physical stress that your favorite sport demands of you, preventing injuries and simply having more fun, joy and safety on the mountain – in short, getting yourself FIT for the shred season.

Shred-fit is perfect for anyone who wants to train easily and effectively at home. Thanks to a completely new and innovative training concept (with app and training plan), EVERYONE can take part, whether beginner or professional, young or old.

The registration deadline is September 30th Info & registration at

Instagram: @Shred_f1t