The Zillertal Välley Rälley Crew, a little introduction to the people which organize the Tour.

The Zillertal VÄLLEY RÄLLEY has been created by the Ästhetiker Crew.


The Ästhetiker were one of the first boardriding crews worldwide. Founded in the early 90´s by a bunch of passionate riders from all over Austria, „Die Ästhetiker“ set the pace in European snowboarding with their unique creativity and esthetic style. Big names like Wolle Nyvelt, Steve Gruber, Andreas „Mone“ Monsberger, Friedl Kolar, Tom „Beckna“ Eberharter, Klaus Hofmeister, the twin brothers Chris & Rudi Kröll, Reini „Gogo“ Gossner and many more filled the identity of the great Ä with character and lifestyle. While some crew members claimed big titles in international competitive freestyle snowboarding, others dedicated their life to big mountain riding, filming, photography, PR and the organisation of events around their pÄssions: snowboarding, surfing and skateboarding.


The Ästhetiker started organising grassroots events in their early days. Old dogs might still remember the Ästhetiker Jams, Shred Downs, the infamous Wängl Tängls and the Ästhetiker Winter MÄsh. Those hÄppenings comprised snowboarding team competitions on highest world class level and the contests were famous for their creative and unique setups. Most events combined snowboarding with skateboarding contests, music gigs and off course, the lengedary Ästhetiker parties.

In 2013, the Ästhetiker organised the very first Zillertal VÄLLEY RÄLLEY snowboard tour with four stages all across their home of choice: the Zillertal. Since the first year, the grassroots coaching and slopestyle contest tour has been continously growing. Today the VÄLLEY RÄLLEY attracts young riders from all over Europe to show off in the best snowparks of the valley. The Zillertal VÄLLEY RÄLLEY hosted by Blue Tomato & Ride Snowboards has been the admission ticket to professional snowboarding, World Cups and even the Olympics for many young riders.

The Välley Rälley Crew